Paulo Gomes & Partners


About / Overview

Paulo Gomes & Partners is a strategic advisory specializing in Africa-Asia businesses and an investment-holding vehicle focusing on the African market. Based in Guinea Bissau and Singapore, with satellite presences in Dakar and Accra, we work across Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America, enabling business synergies in industries as varied as tourism, oil & gas, real estate, and construction.


With values of transparency, relentless dedication, and an overwhelming obligation to our clients, our service proposition is founded on the following:



Our entrepreneurship strength has allowed us to find unique solutions in the face of local impediments.


Global Experience

Paulo Gomes & Partners have not only worked for multi-national institutions and businesses, accumulating decades of experience in various sectors across the continent and abroad, they have partnered with various funds, banks, and family offices to stimulate investment and building local businesses in and across the region.


Expansive Network

Our network has enabled our clients to bypass hurdles previously thought to be insurmountable.