Paulo Gomes & Partners


We are positioned to create powerful business solutions, which ultimately facilitate our client’s progress towards higher performance through the quality service and value-based approach we use. We have consulted and added corporate value to major institutions and governments throughout Africa, with a footprint in energy, government, infrastructure, mining, telecommunications and many other sectors.

  • Corporate Strategic Advisory Service
  • Fundraising & Investing
  • Sovereign Debt Restructuring
  • Country Strategic Advisory Service

Corporate Strategic Advisory
Clients continue to turn to us for our significant experience advising boards and our broad capabilities, global perspective, and wide array of services ranging from corporate governance to customized solutions that address all of their needs.


Fundraising & Investing
We help impact entrepreneurship – building world leading businesses by preparing entrepreneurs to raise the capital required to achieve their social and financial goals, assisting in the execution of that fundraising effort, and working with them for the long-term to realize the highest possible returns for their businesses. Additionally, we advise investors on the most impactful strategy, tools, and deals that will enable them to achieve their goals. We have the network and ecosystem to match profit-seeking investors with the right entrepreneurs.

Some of our advisory services portfolio include but are not limited to:

  • Urban Development
    Paulo Gomes & Partners has been instrumental in developing an urban renewal master plan for the city of Kaloum (Conakry, Guinea) with the Singaporean company “Surbana Jurong”.The proposal aims to revitalize the urban setting of Kaloum, allowing for future plans to follow strict guidelines and creating an efficient and more organized city.

  • Special Economic Zone
    As part of its economic and social development policy, the Republic of Guinea has committed to a geographical area of ​​20 km2 in the mining region of Boké to develop a modern city on the model of an integrated Special Economic Zone.Paulo Gomes & Partners has provided extensive advisory services for the elaboration of an important preliminary study of this special economic zone in Guinea, Conakry.
  • African Renewable Energy Initiative (AREI)
    Paulo Gomes & Partners continues to provide support to the African Renewable Energy Initiative regarding their strategic, financial, regulatory and legal framework.
  • Green Climate fund
    Paulo Gomes & Partners has also played an active role in the creation of the Green Climate Fund. The Green Climate Fund (GCF) is a fund established within the framework of the UNFCCC to assist developing countries in adaptation and mitigation practices to counter climate change.


Sovereign Debt Restructuring
Paulo Gomes & Partners offers tailored financing solutions for sovereign debt restructuring. Indeed, we offer advisory services in the structuring of financing adapted to the objectives and the requirements of each of our clients.
Our knowledge of the decision-making processes at financial institutions enables us to carry out our assignments efficiently. In addition, our experience of capital markets enables us to design, create and negotiate financing solutions suited to our clients’ specific needs.

Country Strategic Advisory
We provide strategic advisory, executive management support and project management expertise to governments and other key stakeholders.

In all our markets, we are faced with strategic challenges that affect millions of people – and our solutions help to transform economies, societies, and the lives of the individuals and communities. We engage with local and regional governments on building novel private/public partnerships, leveraging private capital and private partnerships to generate positive outcomes.
We have worked directly with public, private sector firms and governments to support their international expansion strategies.
With sector expertise in multiple industries, we have forged and built strong networks in Asia.
In fact, Paulo Gomes & Partners co-founded the Africa South-East Asia Chamber of Commerce (ASEACC) based in Singapore. An initiative led by the private sector, the ASEACC is the first of its kind to connect and develop high-level business relationships between Africa and South-East Asia.